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Tower Towns do it all.  They grow their own food in vertical farms, recycle their waste, provide jobs and housing, have schools for their children, generate their own energy, and maintain their own police forces to maintain law and order.  They accomplish all this with renewable energy resources!

Power Toilets

Power toilets in Tower Towns may make flushing with water obsolete. We avoid many problems plaguing modern cities when we can flush toilets with desiccants instead of water.

These toilets extrude and compress toilet waste with a great variety of cellulosic fibers derived from sources such as wood pulp, weeds, newspaper, magazines, and many other sources. Imagine being able to flush a toilet using sanitizing, cellulosic, powders instead of water!

This desiccant treatment helps reduce the overall percentage of water in the resulting "log".

These compressed logs are then burned in water recovering electric power generators.  The water vapor created by burning these logs is recovered using cooling-condensing systems on the exhaust stack.

A variety of filters and scrubbers make the burning of these logs safe for the environment. From electrostatic to catalytic, to algae tanks, these scrubbers ultimately clean the exhaust from these generators and recover water while cleaning the exhaust.

Other renewable energy fuels such as ethanol, methane, biodiesel, synfuel, or coal can aid the process of burning these toilet waste "logs". This is called co-firing.

The waste heat from burning these "logs" can be utilized in a cascading series of systems that need low grade heat. Soil sanitizing, district water heating, and lumber drying, are just a few of the possible systems that could use this low-grade heat.

The ash and minerals that are byproducts of burning these "logs" can be used as soil amendments in the Permaculture gardens that surround the Tower Town.

We may be seeing ever more need for disaster relief for large populations in the future.  Many people have been made suddenly homeless by natural disasters and human caused problems.  Tower Towns can be a way of helping homeless people have a place to live while they recover from the disaster.

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